Jump Pit Foam / Foam Block Applications

Gymnastics / Trampolines

The classic use for jump pit foam and mats. Give your athletes a reliable landing so they can safely perfect that routine they have been working so hard on.

Motocross / BMX / Skateboarding

If your athlete is looking to get some air, make sure they’re safe on the way down. We can put foam pits and mats on the end of ramps, jumps, gaps…you name it.

Snowboarding / Skiing

Foam pits in the winter? Outside? You bet. That’s how the pros do it. If your athlete is looking to improve their skiing or snowboarding tricks, we can help them do so properly and safely.

General Recreation

You’d be surprised the cool and unique uses that we’ve created safety foam blocks and mats for. Give us a call to get some ideas or to see how we can help on your project!

We make the worlds best Jump Pit Foam, foam blocks, and mats!